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Schnauzers in Sweden , fotos, results and video

26 april 2010. Rockfeller came back home. He has finished his stay in the most advanced kennel of Sweden: Velvet Dandys.Thanks a lot to Veronica Lange and Maria Borg for taking care of our beloved dog. Rock is missing you, girls....really...

Velvet Dandys kennel Rock in Velvet Dandys



25 april. CAC show in Vasteras, Sweden. Point the mouse to the foto to see dod's name (in Internet Explorer only!)


Velvet Dandys Grunpowder Gertie Grunpowder Gertie Caudatus Bohemia

Centara  Dazzling Dubonet Velvet Dandys Diabolito Velvet Dandys Diego Grillo

Velvet Dandys Fifiga Nanette Chevrolet's Gisela Graskagg Doctor's Order His Majesty

Borodatij Djavol Graf Caliostro Borodatij Djavol Graf Caliostro Velvet Dandys Minerva Sharpes

Velvet dandys Sigrid Storrada Velvet dandys Sigrid Storrada Velvet dandys Sigrid Storrada

Pognos Lancia POgnos Primera Solo Wellfith Primera Solo

Wellfith Real Reload Wellfith REiordan Royce Rock and Graf Caliostro

Rockfeller Rockfeller Rockfeller

Velvet Dandys Diego Grillo



2ex Velvet Dandys Diabolito (Keynote Quint Trombone +  Velvet Dandys Sigrid Storrada)

1 ex Bob jun ,  Best  male 3 Velvet Dandys Diego Grillo-littermate


Wellfith Riordan Royce( Caudatus Hugo Boss + Welfith Qurnelia)


Doctor's Order His Majesty (Argentas Yeoman Yankee+ Barbarastreisandgreitcharisma)-ex


Borodatij Djavol Graf Caliostro-ex1, BOB

Nois Epoha Rockfeller-2 ex, best male2



Velvet Dandys Grunpowder Gerties (Keynote Quint Trombone +Velvet Dandys Sigrid Storrada)-1ex BOS female

Velvet dandys Minerva Sharpes-littermate-2ex


Wellfith Real Reload (Caudatus Hugo Boss+ Wellfith Qourneelia)-1ex


Caudatus Bohemia (Hosszubereki-Csazar Gamma Mera team +Argentas Qayenne)-ex1

Chevrolet's Gisela Graskagg(Wow wow's Cox Cooper+Chevrolet's Something Special)-very good

Pognos Lancia( Velvet's dandys Markers Mark+Pognos hansa)-ex2

Pognos Primera Solo-littermate-3ex


Velvet dandys Fiffiga Nanette (Benamor de verorich + Ankor Kurazh Gigi Go Round)-BOS

Centara dazzling Dubonet (Centara Private eye+ Centara Rainbow Riccio)-3ex

Velvet Dandys Sigrid Storrada (Felice Di Stiven+Velvet Dandys de la Soul)-ResBOS


Short vodeo  from  Alvsjo show, Sweden.

Rockfeller, Graf Caliostro, Velvet Dandys Valentin



Diego Grillo, Argentas Flanagan, Dinamunde Felicio Olivent, Borodatij Djavol Graf Caliostro, Nois Epoha Rockfeller, Velvet dandys Valentyn, Velvet Dandys Ben Nevis


28 august 2018
we do have pups

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Puppy for sale

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