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Grand Sen Emir pedigree. This male is born on 8 december 2009.


To have a look at Emir's ancestors please click on the dog's name.

the Netherlands Ch HD-A

Luka-Ymke v.d. Vanenblikhoeve

InterCh, Champion of Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark  HD-B

Casso's Jalabert

IntCh, Champion of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands

Quito Chapiro

Champion od Sweden HD-B

Casso's Izzi Izabella

Champion of the Netherlands 

Ymke-Inoek v.d. Vanenblikhoeve

IntCh, JWW, JEuW, Champion of Itally, France, Spain, Monaco, USA, Luxembourg, Bundessieger etc, HD-A

Stahlkrieger's Magnum Force

Champion of the Netherlands

Inoek-Ziezo v.d. Vanenblikhoeve

InterCh, Champion of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia etc, HD-A

Grand Sen Anais

IntCh, Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Russian Schnauzer Club  HD-A

Ankor Kurazh Bombastik


IntCh, Champion of Russia, Moldavia


IntCh, EuWinner, Champion of Russia, Finland, Latvia etc

Ave Concorde Lakme

IntCh, Champion of Poland, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria HD-A

Sen Zhermen Matritsa

IntCh, EuWinner, Champion of Spain, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine

Top Target Best Choice

IntCh, Champion of Russia, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Moldavia

Sen Zhermen Galaktika


28 august 2018
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