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About standard schnauzer

So, who are these standard schnauzers?

It's a dog breed, just another dog breed...

That's what people who don't know much about schnauzers would say. But those whose hearts have been won by a muzzle of charming bangs and beard will have much more to say.

A schnauzer is a reflection of your inner being, as strange as it may sound. But if you wonder what schnauzer personality is like you will most certainly find the answer by taking a good look at your inner self.

Love being outdoors, taking long walks and playing sports? Your schnauzer will happily share your pastimes. He will be the energizer dog, your eternal ball of energy.

Like to sleep in and lounge in bed? Your schnauzer will move you around the sofa as you watch TV, claim your pillow for the night and help himself to your bag of popcorn.

Are you organized, punctual and disciplined? You don't need an alarm clock. Your schnauzer will wake you up right on time, get himself ready for a walk with an army-like efficiency and wait for you at the door, gazing reproachfully at the watch.

Are you a soft and sensitive person? Your schnauzer will shower you up with millions of dog kisses each morning and get you ready for a good night's sleep by exfoliating your face at night with a sandpapery tongue massage which only he can give. He will keep gazing into your eyes until you see just how much you are being loved...

But there are also schnauzer traits that neither you, nor anyone else can explain (and thank goodness!)... They are there at all times. Standard schnauzers are incorrigible optimists. And schnauzers can never be insincere. Whatever life has in store, whatever trials they had been put through, they will keep on trusting people, loving them ceaselessly, yearning for human companionship at all times...

And what is definitely true is that a schnauzer will never let you mope. His bouncy tail and naughty eyes will come up with thousands of games to get your spirits up. So don't even think about feeling sad, or else you stand a chance of bursting out laughing more than you had ever imagined possible.
And, if what you've read right here rings close to home and you still want to commit your life to a schnauzer, please don't forget that your dog is a reflection of yourself, and what kind of dog he will be - well, you know that already.

Author: Zhanna Lapshina

Reprinting of this text is prohibited.

Translated by the McTavish`s


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