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Please find below  Rockfeller's critics given by respected judges.


1. 7 months old.Zoran Brankovic(Jugoslavia)-Best Puppy.

Medium height. Good head, good temperament, typical eyes, ears. Strong neck, good top- and upperlines, developed chest, good rear ungulations. Enough drive in movements.

2. 9 months old. Piotr Krol (Poland)-WDS, 4 ex.

Elegant. Typical head. Perfect top- and upperlines. Perfect movements. Proffessional handling.

3. 9 months. Andzej Kazhmersi (Poland)-Best Junior, BOB.

Very good balanced. Elegant. Very good withers.Perfect front, perfect movements.

4. 12 months old. Rita Trainin (Israel). "Eurasia2007"-Best Junior, RBIS JUNIOR (more then 100 juniors in Best in Junior Competition).

Good proportions, perfect topline, good head, correct deep front. Good angulations, color and coat structure. Could have more parallel hindquarters in movements. 

5. 12 months. Javier Sanches-Fernandez (Spain)."Eurasia2007"-Best Junior.

Very good type. Short, perfect topline, perfect hindquarters, good head's lenght, correct bite. Good eyes expression. Good color and coat sructure. Correct movements, good drive.

6.15 months. Revaz Khomasuridze (Russia)-CACIB, BOB.

Very good developed compact male, perfect topline. A little bit out of dark mask. Perfect angulations.

7. 18 months old. Christiane Lafay (France)-CACIB, BOB.

Bite N. Strong, compact, perfect topline, very goog angulations. Noble neck, deep chest, perfect stand and presentation. Beautiful typical head. Perfect coat structure. Moves freely.

8. 23 months old. Natalia Nekroshene (Lithuania)-CACIB, BOB. CH of Kazakhstan

Almost 2 years, up to size, very good balanced,  perfect head, good neck. Perfect topline & tail. Deep chest, perfect angulations.  Movements with a good drive, good coat

9. Cristine Rossier (Switzerland)-CACIB, BOB, Cruft's qualified.

3,5 years old male, excellent built. Long head,perfect neck and topline. Correct angulations, harsh coat of a good color. Friendly behavor

10. Helene Bjorkman (Sweden)-CW at Norwegian Winner 2009

Masculine dog a little bit up to size. Masculine well made head. Good eyes ans ears. Excellent neck and topline. Compact body. Excelent angulations. Not in his best coat condition today. Moves with good drive but a little bit short in the stepts in front. Excellent temperament.



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