Today we had our Specialty Schnauzer Show. We didn't presented our own  dogs so we had an oppotunity to have a close look at other dogs and SURE to make a lot of pics. Please come back to read an interview with  Rejo Latvala (Fin) concerning russian schnauzers and this Specialty.

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trels Jakobinetsgelis class of winners ex2 Trels Pigmalion gelis class of winners ex2 Trels Zigfridgelis class of winners ex4
Alpen Traval Nezabudka puppy female promising Sen Zhermen Ulybka puppy female v.promising1 Sen Zhermen Umnitsa puppy female v.promising2 Trels Ovitel Power puppy female promising Rus Grace Star jun female ex2
Trels Nicoletta Charm junior very good Khoroshenkaya lady zvezda BJunior Khoroshenkaya Lady Zvezda BJunior BJ Dronas Asti Mondoro intermediate ex1
Dronas Charada intermed ex2 Ankor Kurazh J'ai Ose intermed very good Ferdinan LIA Sen Zhermen open ex2 Trels Ziglindagelis open ex1 Dronas Charley open ex
Zheina open ex4 Sen Zhermen Monopolia class of winners good Sen Zhermen Zarnitsa class of winners ex3 Trels Jaroslavnagelis class of winners ex2 Dronas Chinara class of winners ex4
Trels Zigrunagelis Best female BOB Ankor Kurazh Dominanta champ ex2 Dronas Tradizia champ ex1 Rus Noel Rodnega champ ex4 Sen Zhermen Dairen champ ex3
Zik Sanders Dolce Donna  champion ex Ave Concorde Chelesta Club Champion class ex1 Trels Princessagelis winner class very good Trels Hedviga Class of Club Winners  ex2 Trels Gerhildagelis Best Veteran
Amulet for ASlfa Adrian ot Barbatsutsy jun v good Akvilon sets a fashion ot barbatsutsy jun very good Cherny strazhnik cheek chap winners class ex1 Cereus Jelto ot Barbatsutsy Best Male Club Champion Augustina Magna ot Barbatsutsy female junior very good
Cherny Strazhnik Look Twice  female BJunior Juba Pinkfloyd ot barbatsutsy BOB Buba Barzakan Best Veteran


Sen Zhermen Uspekh  puppy  promising Rus Top Rate Amstardam junior very good Trels Meistersinger Brunogelis junior 1ex Ankor Kurazh Idalgo Zorro junior very good
Barba Gris Fast Forvward junior very good Sen Zhermen Triumph  junior 2 ex Grey tetis Simon Barry interm very good Invidia Dios Attimo Verita intermediate ex1 Sen Zhermen Tip Top intermed  very good
Omen Superman open ex1 Trels Zigmundgelis open very good Trels Inspector Steven Grey class of winners exel Oakwood cortaillod schooner  ex1 Club Champion Dronas Inspector Rex Champ class  ex1 Best Male