Mr. Reijo Latvala, "Jandumin" kennel owner was very kind to give an interview after his judging on the Specialty 2007 in Moscow.

-Mr. Latvala, how do You appreciate russian standards? What is Your impression?

-On the whole the average level of Your dogs is high, but I'd like to notice that the females are much more interesting than  the males. 3 best females were really high class schnauzers. I was surprised to see a lot of different types.

-What male (from represented in this ring) could be used in Your breeding?

-Up to now I'm not planning to breed my females but IN THEORY I should not have used any of presented males.

-What are the imperfections of our dogs? To Your opinion what are the main faults of our dogs?

-As to anatomy I noticed a lot of incompact males. Too much dogs with unparralelled cranial lines.

Also my eye was catched by incorrect upperline grooming. Too much coat left so the proportion between height of chest and legs is disrupted. A dog seems to be more heavyset, shortlegged than it is.

I was surprised that a lot of handlers were "surpressing" their dogs although the latters were not looking extremly argessive.

-Mr.Latvala, do You agree that russian standards are leading on the world scene?

-Yes, I agree, at least they are in the leading group.

 -Thanks a lot.