25 august 2007. International Dog Show in Pskov (Russia).

Judge-Soile Bister (Fin).

Ferdinan Newcomer-J CAC, Best Junior. Petrik is Junior Champion of Russia now.


25 august 2007. National Dog Show, Kurgan, Russia. Judge Krylova (Russia).

Epoha Kurabo Diploman Imperii Poldiz (Rus Mazhor Glamour & Undina Walky)-JCAC, Best Junior. Good start!


25 august 2007. Puppies out of Rockfeller in Rus Mazhor kennel. 4 males and 3 females.

These pictures were made by Alina Shagarova. Point to the pic to see the comment and  click on to enlarge.

Ferdinan Newcomer Ferdinan Newcomer 10 months old Angry Petrik And Rock is always  too kind:)

Petrik, Nettl Great Gordenia and Rockfeller the same Rockfeller and Nettl Great Gordenia (bitch:-))) vengeance