5 september 2009 :2 CAC shows in Podolsk, Russia. Both shows with the same results:

Art Platinum Prime Time (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Istreliya)-1 ex in intermediate class, BOB, CAC. Tim finished his Rus Championship.

russian schnauzer Art Platinum Prime Time


6 september 2009, CAC show in Uralsk, Kazakhstan

Silver Blaze Arabskaya Skazka (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Nois Epoha Break Dance)-1 ex in intermediate class, BOB, CAC. Skazka is CH Kaz now.

Skazka with her owner Vera Skazka with her breeder


5 .09.2009 Club schnauzer show Trmice (CR) Judge Benes  

Epoha Kurabo Esenin - ex1, CAC, Club certif., ISPU certif.


6 september 2009. CAC show in Moscow.

Nois Epoha Vanessa (Maggekata Bisquit + Epoha Kurabo Fleur Elly)-1 ex in open class, BOB, CAC. Vanessa is Ch Rus now!