CAC show in Moscow. Schnauzer puppies out of Undina Walky and Nois Epoha Eremey.

7 november 2009. CAC show in Moscow. Judge Shiyan (Ukraine).

Nois Epoha Eremey (Dinamunde Lord Brendon +Nois Epoha Jasna)- JCAC, BOB Junior, BOB. Eremey finished his Russian Junior Championship just after the birth of his offsprings out of JEUW Undina Walky. Puppies were born on 4 november 2009. 5 females and 1 male!


8 november. CAC show in Minsk (Belarus). Judge Oleinikova

Art Platinum Plasma Solaris (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Istreliya)- CAC, BOB

CAC show in Samara. Judge Belyakov.

Morning Star Beautuful (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Matrieshka Krasa)-BOB Baby.

CAC show in Krasnodar. Judge Filatova A.

Rus Mazhor Michelle (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Rus Mazhow Florinda)- CAC, BOS