CAC in Saratov  on 30 oct 2010 judged by Sipyagin.

Epoha Kurabo Easy (Nois Epoha Eremey + Undina Walky)- 1 ex in juniors, JCAC, BOB junior!




2 CAC in Israel on 29/10/2010 judged by Norman DeSchuymere (Belgium) and  Shimon Biger.

Epoha Kurabo Solingen Steel (Ferdinan Newcomer + Undina Walky)-2 ex in open class, CAC on both shows

Bearded Wolf Game On Line (Epoha Kurabo Solingen Steel + Art Platinum Point in Memory of Lessa)- 2 BOB baby:) Congratulations to the breeder, Olga Shestavin

The littermate of this baby-a male with natural tail-is for sale