15 may 2011 CACIB in Samara, Russia. Judge Belkin

Gelingen Laurelled (Nois Epoha Rockfeller +Hillary Zvezda Gelingen)-CAC, CACIB, BOB

gelingen Laurelled

Morning Star Beautiful (Nois Epoha Rockfeller + Matrieshka Krasa)-RCACIB



16 may 2011. CAC in Chelyabinsk. Judge Kozina.

Epoha Kurabo Kardinal Gregory (Dinamunde Extreme Flight Le Ross + Nois Epoha Royal Fashion)- BOB baby


15 and 16 may 2011. 2CACIB in Odessa.

15  may was judged by mr. Severin from Ukraine. He told that he judged schnauzers for the first time. Hope-the last one as well.

You can see Grand Sen Emir and Ksantia Norton-best male according to the judge`s taste. Video is taken the following day but nothing special happened to dogs during the night.

So Grand Sen Emir was 2ex

16 may 2011-judge G. Schogol (Georgia).

Grand Sen Emir-CAC, CACIB, BOB, Ch Ua


BOB competition with Rus Mqazhor Nirvana



Some fotos of one of the most colorful cities-Odessa- are HERE