Show results of our schnauzers in Poland, Austria, Germany , Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden. Schnauzers are everywhere:)



Rus Mazhor Sevilla, daughter of our Grand Sen Emir:

2 ex in intermediate class on CACIB in Poland on  13 may 2012.

ex in juniors on World Winner in Austria on  20 may 2012.



Art Patinum Native Soul , daughter of Nois Epoha Rockfeller-2 ex in intermediate class on World Winner in Austria.

Art Platinum Native Soul



Rus Mazhor Sevilla-2 ex  in Germany on 27 may 2012 on CACIB show.

and class winner the following day on CAC show.



The same weekend , standard schnauzer speciality in Lithuania, Moletai.

Epoha Kurabo Zevs-Best of Breed, Champion of Lithuania.


12 and 13 may 2012, wonderful Odessa, Ukraine-2 CACIB. Grand Sen Emir got his  8 CACIB on one show and skiped another one. Gelingen Legenda Rocka (daughter of Rockgeller) get RCACIB and CACIB.

Gelingen Legenda Rocka


The same weekend-Russia, Belgorod CAC show- Gelingen Lovely Winner -littermate of Legenda Rocka- BIG-3 and Russian Kynological Federation Champion.


Chelyabinsk CAC show-Gelingen Mary Kay-daughter of Nois Epoha Eremey-last CAC for her Russian Championship.

And finally our scandinavian beauty Epoha Kurabo Igrushka (Nois Epoha Eremey +Undina Walky)-CACIB in Österbybru, Sweden. Congratulations to Velvet Dandy's team!

epoha kurabo igrushka Epoha Kurabo Igrushka born in Russia